Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guest Blogger: Sister Dolores Lytle

For a couple of years now we have all relished Sister Vicki sharing the stories of her ministry and her life as a sister of Saint Agnes. I joined Vicki two weeks ago for the great gathering of our community called chapter. Unlike the annual CSA days, this gathering brings all the sisters together to tell of their efforts to understand and appreciate the privilege of working as ecclesial women the last four years. Reflection and conversation helped us articulate our dreams for renewing the life of the community. From listening and deep reflection together came a clear outline of what is most important the next four years. Our common journey expresses our commitment to journey together consciously evolving for the same of the mission.  A newly elected leadership team will coordinate all of us and we review our own lifestyles to sync them with the 2013 Chapter Statement. Once again this statement says our lives are about the mission of Jesus, and all our individual and group relationships are to measured in Christ.

At times working in Illinois with the dozen sisters in our area, I can feel like a drop in dry bucket working for Christ and our church. But coming together with more than a hundred sisters and associates to listen with care and great attention to Christ and each other, I know my drop is part of great and strong river a century long. A waterway present in Latin America and North America touching the lives of those whose faith life and human dignity are threatened. We celebrate the jubilees of vowed and committed members, a couple of thousand years of dedication to Christ’s mission. Check our website, the IT people should have it working again real soon. Read for yourself the statement woven of our dreams and get to know the sisters who will help us live it out.

Sister Dolores Lytle, CSA

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