Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Call Me Sis

It has been nearly two years of writing "Some Call Me Sis." This experience has been enjoyable while sharing with you thoughts and experiences from my perspective as a vowed woman religious n the 21st Century. I will be leaving for a sabbatical in the next couple of weeks and during that time will not be blogging. I am not sure what will happen after, and just want to say, "Thank you." As time has rolled out over these years I have become more aware of those who read this blog, and with that awareness feel a connection with you as reader. This amuses me somewhat during this age of technology while we strive to stay connected with one another in new ways. Sometimes the technology can be overwhelming and appears to separate us more than anything. Of course this is a concern that I have for folks I see in public places sitting together and playing on their computers, tablets and phones. And, yes sometimes I find myself so distracted by technology that I forget the presence of those around me. This weekend while with some family and friends in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (affectionately called the U.P.). I noted that when in constant contact I use technology as an escape. My guess is that during the sabbatical technology will take somewhat of a backseat and I both look forward to that part of the experience, and dread it. As my Mom pointed out last month I have become a bit of a technology junkie (she used different language of course). Blessings as you continue to journey!

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  1. We will surely miss your wise reflections, do let us know who we can support your on sabbatical! Looks like you need more visits and less email? Or do you say that we should all do what we can in the moment to attend to each other with special emphasis on the present ones? Be Safe and accomplish all the goals you have set for this very special time!