Sunday, March 24, 2013

Romero: A 20th Century Martyr

Today, Palm Sunday, marks the 33rd anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero's assassination. I recall the first time I learned about Romero and the inspiration of his story. He stood with the people of El Salvador as a man who came to espouse the Gospel while attempting to help his Church find peace. Recently I read somewhere that he would not be considered a Christian martyr, rather he died due to his politics. This perplexed is perplexing and there are layers to this that I will not go into, yet everything I have read about Oscar Romero points to his faith as the guide to his voice. He was witnessed the massacre of El Salvadoran's by the thousands and was moved to speak to the powerful who blocked human rights. There are risks in being a disciple of Jesus Christ and he became a bold force throughout his life. I cannot do justice to his story and am attaching two videos to this feed. The first is a voice-over of speeches from the 1989 film Romero with clips from his actual life (I chose the voice-over because it is in English, Romero spoke in Spanish). The second is a BBC clip that gives a history of who Oscar Romero was, and is to the many people of El Salvador and beyond who love him still and believe in the Gospel he preached (this includes the speech before he was assassinated with translation).

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