Sunday, March 10, 2013

Auto-motive Spirituality

The title of the blog mirrors what I was pondering while thinking about spirituality in preparation for a meeting with Young Adults this morning. I don't know how to express the reflection in blog format as it seems long and tedious in writing. However, the analogy that kept coming to me was that spirituality is like purchasing or driving a car. Until you are in the drivers seat and really operating the vehicle you have no idea how it is going to work. Manuals can help, yet until you get behind the wheel the power and danger is not quite understood. Cars allow for speed and precision when we in good shape, and we are not impaired. I received an inattentive driving ticked after my first accident (which occurred three months after getting my license). Being Christian has qualities similar to this, and unless I am in the drivers seat and paying attention to others on the road it can be a clueless journey at times.

Another pertinent connection is that before owning my first vehicle I did not notice how many of these cars were around. Suddenly, the world was opened-up in a new way as I noticed how many people drove this make and model (1976 1/2 Oldsmobile, Cutlass Supreme - 13 years old). Plus, like that car there are things in my spiritual life that need to be tuned-up and changed at times, all part of the maintenance plan, and growth cycle. The first car I owned was well used and did not last long. Similar to my spiritual path as I entered adulthood. I have dabbled and searched for the right fit while always attempting to be true to the best things to have while on the road, and yes this includes making sure the tank is appropriately filled. So many more connections than I can write about, yet I think you get the point. So, my final thought was that if there are things that need to happen explore a new maintenance plan and know that even when you want to skip that oil change it impacts the engine negatively. 

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