Sunday, May 6, 2012

War (No More Trouble)

Friday Dominican High School put on one of the most inspiring multicultural days I have experienced, and then last night I was able to witness the performance of our students share their talents through performance art in the spring "dance concert and musical revue," Inspirations. Both of these events leave me in wonder.

First a note about the multi-cultural day. At first when the school decided to go to this model I was not in favor. In the past we had a day to celebrate Black History Month and Cinco de Mayo program and that seemed necessary in bringing up the operative structures of oppression in our world.  Of course, we did not honor other ethnic minorities in our midst and, in retrospect I realize that from my own place of ignorance I did not understand this until Friday.  Wow, things opened up in a big way as the theater was filled with a stream of people representing different cultures through dance, ritual and song. I must admit that I am now somewhat embarrassed and glad I didn't voice my opinion about keeping things the way they were and am grateful to the school for offering a day dedicated to multi-cultural experiences.

Inspirations was fantastic, as I can only expect it to be each year.  The students have taught me much about what it means to love one another in ways beyond what I can do as an adult who is too often entrenched in my own world of bias and disbelief.  Now, don't get me wrong there are troubles among the student body and there are times of serious conflict. And, still they demonstrate what it means to be a community in ways that I have not experienced among adults. This was manifest in the performance as it is in the dailiness of Dominican life and I left the performance with a full heart.

I am not going to include a song from the performances today. Rather I offer you one of my favorites, written by Bob Marley and performed by Playing for Change I leave you with "War (No More Troubles." This song sums up my experience of Dominican High School this week and furthers my desire to be an agent of change in our world.

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  1. You touched my soul this evening with a realization of what happens when we move toward walking the walk and talking the talk. My heart moved into a reality that brought me to places of the heart. About twenty-seven years ago I moved to a place in the deep South-Mobile, Alabama and made discoveries that began to change me. From there I have moved from inner city Chicago,the Mississippi Delta, Milwaukee and to Bisbee-Naco, Naco Sonora and wherever I have traveled I have found a people who loved and changed me and helped me to know what it means to touch the souls of people. I remember your stories about the children of Dominican and as you told the stories, I began to realize what in means to be in relationship with the people of all different cultures. I am blessed to move to the wonder of life in all those who sing and dance in my soul. Thank you for the memories.