Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Bittersweet Week

This week was bittersweet and an emotional roller coaster. I am putting the content of this information in my blog and recognize some people reading have not been informed about my plans for the next months and this might be easier than putting it on my facebook page. Long story, but it all started with a prayer experience and this overwhelming internal shift that caused me to consider moving  Fond du Lac next year. I wish I could be more clear about it, yet that has never been my experience of call. So, I entered discernment, worked it out with CSA (my community) and informed Dominican High School I would not be returning, and this week I announced it to the students. Wow, that was a challenge. Each class I talked with my words were like a string of bumbling thoughts tied together. A difficult experience, yet the students were so very tender. I have only been teaching high school for seven years and the lives of these young people have continually invited me to transformation. They teach me how to love in so many ways that my life with them is indescribable. Listening to the still small voice inside is not as easy as it is to wake-up to the thought of being with the exuberant experience teens each day.

I am not sure what is going to happen when I go to Fond du Lac other than I will be studying full-time, or possibly seek out teaching opportunities. It seems the bottom line in this is that whatever the call is about it relates to presence and community. One student went home and told her Mom that I am leaving and that my community needs me. This made me smile, and was not quite what I meant to say to the class as I talked about the realities of Religious Life and being present to the process of letting-go of the past as we lessen in numbers, as we live out what is being called forth from us into the future. I did mention this experience about being present to what is happening in Fond du Lac so can see her translation. So I embrace what is to come and will continue to work with the Spirit of what this move will be about. I have lived alone for two years and look forward to living with another sister...of course that will be an adjustment for sure. In many ways this feels like an adventure and I welcome the growth opportunities that are ahead, and in contrast, there is trepidation as I leave what I love.

Well, it is the finale for Desperate Housewives tonight and I need to get a view of what happens. Hope you all have great week!


  1. What a major shift for you, Vickie! Our thoughts and prayers go with you always.

  2. Blessings on your new endeavors and as you follow God's call...
    -Karen Heuberger

  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your blog Vicki. All I can say is "Welcome Home Vicki". That is because Fond du Lac is where we first met and our relationship has grown over the last decades. Yes, it has become decades.
    I can not imagine them if you were not a part of them.
    Your presence is felt, appreciated, and remembered by all with whom you share your strength,wisdom, and hope. I'm just glad it's going to be in Fond du Lac for a while again.