Monday, May 28, 2012

A blogging history oops!

Okay, it's a holiday weekend and I completely spaced out blogging last night. Whoa, could not believe this happened and was going to write this morning and the day was gone. The week has been intense as we ended the semester at the high school and I began a summer school class. Needless to say I am feeling extremely whiney tonight and just want to retreat. However, there are still grades to be finished and a paper to write so boo to calm.

The week was difficult as I experienced a mix of emotions while taking leave of teaching. It is not easy to honor the both/and reality that I am walking in at this moment. I will so miss the faculty, students and ministry of high school life. The freshness of each day and the moments of complete uncertainty before opening my mouth to the first class of the day. These things are the magical moments that make teaching so rewarding.One of the sisters told me today that if you do not feel the pain of leaving a ministry you were never really there in the first place. Of course she said it more eloquently. Well, I am feeling this pain with a sour mix of joy at the time I have had being with such a great group of people. These years have taught me much. Basically this grieving thing is not my favorite activity...the tears are so close much of the time it is like I just lost my best friend. This has become integral to my daily life and now it is time to let go. This week I need to carve out some time to reflect and maybe that will help. A couple bike rides might just be in, I won't put the video on from last time....I promise.

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