Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rambling....Just Letting it Roll

Geez, this weekend flew by and there is little to note about it. I spent most of my time buried in books and on the computer typing in a frenzy to get some things finalized for Tuesdays class. So, I have not seen the news other than the Yahoo! bits that I pulled up for distraction periodically these past days. For instance, I know that there is an eel or something that invades the Great Lakes and is being used for something wonderful overseas. Okay, I don't even know that because I cannot remember the article other than the picture of the slimy thing grossed me out. That was the only reason I read it actually. Any semblance of balance has flown out the window and not remembering the eel story must be proof. Right?

We did have Prom on Friday night and that was wonderful. There is something about the students being all dressed up and transformed into people of polite society that always warms my heart. I hope they had a great time, the music was bumpin' and there was much dancing. Basically I am just consumed with studying at the moment. You might be able to relate to this: I tried numbing out to the movie J. Edgar last night and must admit I was disappointed. Next time I am trying to chill maybe it would be wise to rent a comedy. Someday I'll learn.

I am officially rambling, so, this week my attention is going to be put on placing some balance back in my life. I am not married to my p.c. (well, Mac actually), and realize tonight that when things get overwhelming there is not a mandate to remove myself from prayer/meditation, exercise and the activities of other humans. I have made a couple of trips out for priority events but that is it, oh wait I did meet a friend for dinner last night...nobody would have been hurt if I went for a walk rather than played "Words With Friends" during my down time. Heck, I could have done both at the same time. Okay, this is one of those rambling blog focus and self-contained....thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Stick with it Sis, this time of year is crazy for all of us students. At least you have the great weather to enjoy on your walks.