Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Where are we on Easter morning? That is my thought today as I look to this season of resurrection and marvel at the continuous tension we live every day between both death and resurrection. Sometimes it is like straddling two worlds. Today, I have the fortune of witnessing the youth garbed in white telling the women Jesus has risen. I know that resurrection is real through the experience of other people who reflect this in ways that are indescribable. This is pure gift. Resurrection happens in our lives in ways that cannot be predicted. I know this, and like you, have lived during times of desolation when the only thing that exists is hope in something better while having a willing heart. I have never been let down by the resurrection (even when I think so) and tonight pray for those people who are out there experiencing life beyond desolation and are suffering from despair. Geez, I don't mean to be a downer during Easter, just am aware that along with the great joy that I experience today there are those people who are not feeling the love. Unfortunately I have the curse of knowing the tension between despair and hope and am aware that suffering abides every day. It is how we cope that makes the difference. I am also aware that despair is just as real as hope (only because I have spent some time there myself, blech). Yet, love continually found its way to my heart and throughout life I have learned that it is, was and always will be present. I wish it were so easy for others. Just some Easter thoughts as I revel in the mystery of God's love and this experience of resurrection.

Now, for the days events...just a quick re-cap. Woke-up to my mother telling me crazy stories and making me laugh. She might be trying to kill me with her crazy stories...she is something that one. We went to my sister and brother-in-laws for dinner. We only had half the family while Yvonne, Brett and Jack are traveling back from vacation, this was a bummer and we all missed them. My guess is they were bickering in the car while we were enjoying the know how trips can get tense on the way home. I learned that the word feast does not have to be confused with gluttony ( least I hoped I learned it this time...probably not). Then my Mom and I drove away and left the mess and the memories with Heather and Rob. Good times!

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  1. Glad you had time with your family, I had supper with mine also. But your point is so well taken, we must train our eyes to see Easter resurrection where it happens throughout the lives we live!