Sunday, June 2, 2013

Commitment in Religious Life

Womankind is the song I relate to tonights topic. Thank you Annie Lennox for being such an
inspiration and working so hard to change our world!

Lately I have spent much time reflecting on what it means to be a vowed member in a religious community of women. Getting here has been a most interesting journey and it all began with a stirring that could not be denied. Listening to God requires discipline. Saying yes to God, well that requires a whole different set of discipline. Of course in some ways the two seem interchangeable. I am a sister out of a desire to love more fully and so far this is a constant invitation to being more authentic. I am still me - with all the foibles that accompany that statement (no list of these darling characteristics will be given...if you know me you know some of them, if not you have met them in yourself or others).

I remember often being asked if I was concerned about being lonely before entering CSA. I also remember some people teasing me for choosing consecrated celibacy over being in a committed relationship with one other person (translate this for yourself). Or people wondering what was appealing about celibacy, poverty and obedience in a community of women. It never seemed that people were trying to be crass. Rather they seemed sincere with these concerns. Religious life is an alternative lifestyle and it is a response that is not easily defined. I find strength in relationships with community, family, friends and the people I work with. Ultimately my heart is filled with a deep desire for God and this is where I find solace. Today I am aware of the privilege of my life and the gratitude I have for the unfolding of God's call. I also rejoice with those who are challenged to listen in similar ways as we explore what it is that we are moving toward in our various communities.

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