Sunday, January 8, 2012

The new year has been totally kicking my butt this past week. Can you believe we are already through the first week? I can't. And the thing I remember about today is that it is Elvis' birthday, don't ask me why that sticks with me (I haven't been a fan since Kindergarten).

I am delighted that I did not set a New Year's resolution as I would have blown it by Tuesday for sure. So, this is a point of success that would be a great talking point if I were a motivational speaker. Imagine it! Standing in front of a room full of people. They are all filled with expectant hope that they will leave the workshop with a morsel of information that could change their habits and move them toward success. And I come walking out on to the stage and just tell it straight, "I have found the cure to broken resolutions. Just don't make them!" I wonder if people would applaud or possibly ask for their money back. I used to sell cemetery property (this is pre-Sister days) and we had access to any motivational speaker you can imagine. Of course, the reality is that if you can sell cemetery property you can sell anything. The other reality is that although I loved the job it was not a great fit. Basically, I was broke and recognized after a few years that selling was not my business. The most gratifying part of this endeavor was walking with the families as they walked through their grief. I learned during this period that their is nothing more resilient than the human spirit.

Wednesday, I attended a funeral for the mother of a student and that was a difficult day. The service was filled with love and tenderness shared by people who love her. These past days I continue to wonder about this student's well-being and the impact this loss will have on his life. Yesterday, I attended a prayer service and funeral for one of the members of my community. It was a beautiful tribute and the stories shared by her family and the sisters were lovely. And, right now I am emotionally spent and feel sad. Tonight my prayers reach-out to all who are grieving the loss of a loved one and ask that as we walk together we see the light of God's love in the inspiration of those we have loved and the new journey they are now walking before us.


  1. When people whom we have loved and shared life with leave our grief gives us so many lessons. The way we live and share, what we think is important in our day to day engagement talks back to us. May this sad week be life enriching for you and those you love. Dolores

  2. I have been reflecting much on what is happening to the people who are crossing in the desert and the many losses they are experiencing. Many who are attempting new life are doing so because family members are already in the U.S.; many have lived in the U.S. and have earned a livelihood for family members both in the U.S. and other countries. My major focus has been the people of Mexico. As we look at human trafficking, I am reminded of the pain and humiliation women and children are experienceing. And I too feel the sadness of all the different ways dying takes place. How do we help those who are in these kinds of death? Do we continue to take stances that might be unpopular by so many? I feel compelled to and called to continue to speak out no matter what happens. I believe this is the call that I have at this time in my life. God bless you, Vicki, for helping me to look beyond and see the bigger picture.