Sunday, January 22, 2012

I just returned from an Ayurvedic treatment and am feeling refreshed. Over the past two years I have been combining Alternative Medicine with Western Medicine and today was reflecting on the results. During this time my life has been cold-free and I only have gotten one sinus infection and my seasonal allergies are less. Ultimately this feels really good. I write about this tonight for two reasons.

First, I had time tonight to reflect on the gift this is for me and wonder what it would be like if more people could receive these benefits. Two of the sisters in my local community (the group I gather with for prayer and faith sharing on a regular basis) are leaders at CORE/El Centro ( and work hard to serve the Milwaukee area through  healing and natural life skills. The thing that I admire about CORE/El Centro is that it is an organic community of people trying to help one another on the journey toward better health. The services provided are for people with financial means and those who lack economic opportunity. My hope is that this grows toward helping more people throughout the Milwaukee areas and beyond. We need it!

The second reason I am writing is because it seems that these past weeks I have been really challenged by my own frustrated attitudes and realize that this semester has been a complete shift in rhythm. I am going to say this again...and believe I have alluded to it before...finding and keeping balance is a huge challenge for me.  Last semester was sweet because I could study in the evenings and did not have to set an alarm. The gift was I did not have to teach until 9:50 a.m. and love that time. Well, this semester I need to be at school by 7:30 a.m. and it is leaving me tired. Going to bed at an earlier time is not happening and that is needing to be adjusted. So, my hope is that if this week I attempt to get to bed earlier things may flow more smoothly. Well, Tuesday night is class so sleep is a bust but tonight and the others should have possibilities. The things that have been going better are prayer, meditation and exercise. My hope is that adding sleep to the mix will not cause another thing to drop-out...which is what usually occurs. So, now that I am at the end of this little rant I do not know why this second point was pertinent to tonights blog. I was going to erase it, yet somehow sharing with you does offer an assist with my tenacity. Oh, was a point a gratitude that I have the opportunity not only to have my health taken care of, I also have a ministry (and I absolutely adore the students that I teach) and am a student and in my crankiness need to remember that these are both things that some people will never have and in reality I cherish in what grounds me. Maybe this is smarmy, I think it is, yet true.

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