Sunday, May 5, 2013

Old Friends

Meeting Doodles
This week had some accomplishments, nothing grandiose, just the things that had to get done. Today finished off another weekend of Chapter Planning as we prepare to set our agenda for the next four years and elect new leaders this summer. We will gather for nine days at the end of June and this experience of planning has stretched me in many ways. Have I mentioned that meetings are not my favorite? And yet, I find myself in them often enough. So, it might be time to change my anti-meeting mantra to something more soothing like, "I learn so much form meetings." And, indeed this is true. The cool thing is that the group gathered seems to be a fair representation of the community and we seem to come from a variety of perspectives. My hope is that this time will provide a solid foundation for what will take place this summer.

Debbie Slamming the Board
Simon and Garfunkel always have a way of putting things into perspective. In January I had the fortune of reconnecting with my best friend from childhood. There is something comforting about catching-up with someone and getting to know one another as adults. Today we met for lunch at the Mineshaft in Hartford, WI. They have this huge game room that mixes a theme park with Vegas for little kids -- no roller coasters though). So, we grabbed a couple of games of air hockey, ending in a tie. You must know I was kickin' it until we got a better puck, then I sank in misery with the loss of the day. However, the winning touch was in the fun together. Today's video is a reflection for our time.

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