Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Musical Memory

Ascension Sunday is here! So, we continue in good faith while also celebrating Mom's throughout the world today. Happy Mother's day! First thing I received this morning was a text from my Mom at 5:30 a.m. thanking each of us girls for what we do and speaking of her pride. This started my day off with a smile! Tonight we went for dinner and that was a delight. Thanks Mom for being who you are and encouraging us to do the same.

Arlo Guthrie's Instruments and Stage Set-up
Last night Arlo Guthrie was in Oshkosh after acquiring two free tickets (thanks to Jon Nicoud). It was great listening to the music and story. So, my friend Barb (who joined me for the John Denver impersonator a few weeks ago) joined me again. The night was fantastic. When we sat down I looked around the theater and saw two of my community members a few rows back. He sang a song of his father's (Woody), "Deportee," that told the story of 28 migrant workers and the 4 U.S. citizens accompanying them back to Mexico in a deportation process. The plane crashed in Los Gatos Canyon (this was in 1948) while being deported. Guthrie was angered that the migrants who died were not given a name in the newspaper and were referred to only as deportees. Eventually twelve of them were named and they are still buried in a common grave near the crash site. It was moving to hear the story and song last night, and as pointed out by Arlo it could have been written today and have the same feel and meaning.

Today has been filled with preparation for the online class I'm teaching for summer school. It seems the technology is working and things should start out well from that end. Have a good week!

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