Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thoughts, and Some More Thoughts

My heart goes out to the people in Boston, MA and West, Texas as they deal with the tragedies of last week, and all who continue to work toward justice regarding the gun bill. This has been a heavy week and the news media is filled with images of distress and challenge. I wonder how you find yourself in all of this? I am overwhelmed by the imagery and discussion. When saturated by these things I need to step away and breathe while focusing on the other things in life that matter. In an attempt to stay conscious about what is happening in the world I check-in online and try to avoid the news broadcasts. It is easy to become fixated on the story of the day and not see what is being neglected right before my eyes. This occurs even when there is not a tragic tale to be told. I am always curious how other people deal with media overload, or maybe it is news overload? One of the things I do is read Yahoo! News in an attempt to balance out the serious with the sublime. For the most part this works out pretty well. Sometimes if I really need to read the story I will go to the BBC feed and get that perspective.

Onto a less happening topic: I am attempting to once again wean myself off of caffeine. No headache, just feeling a bit tired, cranky and spacey today. In an attempt to help build my energy I rode my bike for 1/2 an hour this morning in the basement, it is still too cold for me to go outside (Can you believe we have snow flakes falling?). Anyway, my guess is this only woke up the dormant muscles that have not been used on the bike since last fall. Hopefully during this time my internal crab will not be experienced by others. Oh, how I despise these days. Well, that is enough from here for now. Have a blessed week.

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