Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do you love me?

My Mom posted the above video on Facebook the other night (Stand By Me, Playing for Change Band) and a few years ago my community used the same video to open up one of our summer gatherings. It seems to me that this video fits today’s Gospel reading, which has Jesus asking Peter three times if he loves him only to command that he feed his sheep. I sit here wondering what it took for Peter to respond with affirmation to this question about love.  Peter already knew that being a friend to Jesus creates difficulties, and ultimately due to his faithful response in this love he was martyred. Today it is popular for us Christians to claim our stakes in loving Jesus. And still, when we are paying attention this is a difficult response to live out in daily life.  What does it mean when I listen to of Jesus’ call to feed his sheep? This is something that requires tenacity and relationships. I am willing to walk in this mystery with others and recognize I cannot do it alone, every time I think I can it’s a colossal disaster. The love that connects me to Jesus is real, and at this point in my life I need something concrete to help stay the course in my commitment to saying, “Yes!” Up until this point it is people, which when I was young I thought a weakness, today I think it a gift. So, the song fits my experience thus far in relation to discipleship and service. Have a great week! 

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