Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today A Guest Blogger

A couple of months ago I received a suggestion to have someone write a guest blog and after thinking about it this seemed like a fantastic idea to offer a different perspective. So, last week I asked Sr. Mary Rose Obholz if she would like to give it a try. She ministers on the Arizona/Mexico border and has been doing this for nearly 2 1/2 years, prior to that we lived together in Milwaukee where she ministered in the area of Adult Education, and before that she spent several years in Mississippi. This is not a complete biography, yet it seems important to give a short introduction to a woman of faith who inspires hope in others:

Where is my Oasis?  
In the poor and lowly of the world, let us see Christ.
In those forced to leave their homes because of wars or famine, let us see Christ.
In children, who go to bed hungry and who cannot attend school,  let us see Christ.
In those who are living with HIV/AIDS and other diseases, let us see Christ.
In immigrants and refugees, seeking freedom and hope, let us see Christ.
In those who are orphaned and abandoned, let us see Christ.
In the elderly and forgotten, let us see Christ.
In those who struggle for meaningful work, let us see Christ.
In those who struggle to find meaningful work, let us see Christ.
                                             (Catholic Relief Services Collection)
I have crossed to the border community of Naco, Sonora often since April 2010 and each time I cross, I reflect on my call to see Christ in the many people who touch my life.  This week added new dimensions to who is the Christ I meet.  I thought about a world of joy and community.    On Wednesday, I picked up one of the CSA associates, Linda Miller, who journeyed with me to Naco, Sonora on Thursday.  She participated in some of the work I do at Casa Saludable, a wellness center in which I do healing energy work.  In the morning I did some healing energy work and in the afternoon, the focus was on teaching people to eat healthy; many have diabetes.  After that we traveled to the Bibliotheca where I taught English and the women and children attempted to help Linda and I learn Spanish.  We laughed and enjoyed the learning session and I saw Christ.  After that, we were invited to Elvia’s bakery for homemade soup and tortillas.  We conversed and shared life experiences and I saw Christ. I thought of the Chapter prayer that I pray daily with the CSA community here and how much it speaks of seeing Christ.  May CSA continue to be the compassion, trust, love, courage and peace of Christ as we are about the Mission of Jesus.

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