Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leave Your Sleep

Okay, I am not even going to hold back on an experience I had last night. I met one of my inspirational people and we chatted, then she gave me a hug. So, this is the ultimate in white and nerdy...I know, yet I am still elated from the experience. Natalie Merchant was playing with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and I have been debating seeing her since last spring. When I moved to Fond du Lac I invited Deborah, the sister I live with, to join me for the concert. Well, last night we went and afterward we walked to where the car was parked and went in through the hotel connected to the parking ramp. Well, two women who were former Sisters of St. Agnes were there in the lobby and Deborah was chatting-it-up with them while I waited. Then, to my amazement I saw her band members. Well, I did not even know Deborah and the other two were there any longer as I pondered what to do. Woohoo...then, lo and behold in walks Natalie Merchant. So, I left the three of them (it was like the disappeared) and walked over to her and thanked her for all she does for women and blahblah. Deborah came over and we talked for a bit. I shared with Deborah during intermission that Ophelia was the song that got me through novitiate, along with some other favorites. And, then shared the story with Natalie or Ms. Merchant...not sure how to call her in a know who I mean. Then she said, "So, you are not cloistered?" We then talked a bit and as we were saying good-by she hugged me and Deborah. I do not know if this story is blog-worthy, yet it was so great to actually meet Natalie Merchant, a woman artist who lives her passion through music. Heroine's inspire for a variety of reasons and this woman's grasp of life provides strength and courage through her poetry and verse. It was a good time and now, sitting back in my little world I am forced to reflect on whether I use my talents and gifts to do the same? Something to think about. I

I debated sharing this story because in one way this experience seemed very adolescent. However, after thinking about it I realized that this is also an opportunity to promote her collection of songs created through poetry in an attempt to promote literacy. Have a great week.

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