Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lost In My Mind

For the past three or four days I have been praying with the song Lost In My Mind, by the Head and the Heart. The rhythm, the lyrics and the voices say so much about vision, connection and, well moving forward. We are set-up for hope in the beginning when he sings, "Momma once told me you are already home where you feel love." Isn't that the truth. I think of my friends, family, mentors, sisters in Religious Life, and students and realize it is through their love that I continue to find my home. It is so obvious and yet, don't you know there are days when I am so aware of the gift of this love in my life.

Then, "Oh my brother your wisdom is older than me." This line causes me to reflect on the shoulders of the men and women I stand on. Look back on your ancestral (both genetically and spiritually) and my guess is you will find some of that wisdom in ways that continue to manifest in your own life. Well, at least this is how it works in my world. Sometimes I need to tap into that wisdom and at other times I need to be free to attempt life regardless of what the ancestors would do. Maybe this is convoluted, yet I am talking about living an emancipated life which includes the wisdom of others and the willingness to risk everything for the notion of love.

Finally, "How's that brick layin' coming? How's that engine running? Is that bridge getting built? Are your hands getting fully? Won't you tell me my brother brother? Cause there are stars up above. We can start moving forward." This seems to me an invitation to move with the spirit, knowing that we are not alone, and must build and move if we are going to grow. This requires taking risks, and at times they are the most frightening things we will face if we are discerning. There are so many areas where complacency has taken hold and as frustrated as it gets I realize that it a reality much bigger than my small world. My hope is that we can hold the reflect who we are to one another and encourage each other to let-go of our perceived greatness (which is actually not great at all) and know that there is much more to do. I refer back to a few of posts back, "Are we living our lives radically enough?"

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