Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not The First Glow Stick

Top: Joanna, Sharon, Nancy, Joan and Sr. Annette.
Bottom: Sr. Pat, Ellen and Linda
The balance between ministry, studies and relationships continues to be a constant tension as this year continues, and as you might guess this creates imbalance in other areas once again (i.e. exercise and contemplative time). Does anyone else ever feel like they are circling around the karmic wheel of life for the hundred thousandth time dealing with the same-ol-same-ol wondering how they got there?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a gathering of CSA Sisters and Associates in Fond du Lac for a few hours of sharing and dreaming. This lifted my spirit and as I reflect on today's Gospel (the Transfiguration of Jesus) I keep these women in mind. Every time I hear the readings for the Transfiguration I picture Jesus illuminated and glowing. This illumination is not like that of a glow stick, rather like Moses after he witnesses God in the desert and needed to cover his face due to it's radiance (Exodus 34:29-35). I had the opportunity to witness the holy and transfiguring grace of God once again yesterday in the presence of dreaming and vision. In the hustle, bustle and imbalance of it all at the end of the day things are looking pretty good. Unlike Peter, James and John in today's reading I not only can share with you what I witnessed, they let me take a picture for the blog (Whoot!). The Spirit was present in a big way as the passion and purpose of our time together grew. I won't take away the glow by throwing in many details and want to share that it was a day that both humbled and delighted me as a member of CSA, so glad we are experiencing life together.

Well, this week I will be working with the spin cycle of my life and hope that by next Sunday when I write there will be a slight shift in the pattern. Unfortunately, I need to step-up and make a plan for this, blech. Blessings!

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