Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who shot J.R.?

Tonight it is difficult getting my mind around a topic for blogging. Ask me about adult development and I might have something to say, it may not be interesting but it will be something. This weekend has been killer with studies and the only news I recall is that Larry Hagman (J.R. from Dallas) died.  Maybe killer is not appropriate when remembering the character he played, when the big season closer one year was, "Who shot J.R.?" Wow, that character was a scoundrel. Suddenly I am devolving into memories and reminiscing about the early 1980s and remembering the song written about the event. There is a new series of Dallas that began this summer and I wonder if it is still running?

Thanksgiving was a great time. My mother came the night before and cooked a nice meal. That morning we had one of the sisters over for breakfast and it was just a nice day of community and family after that. I spent time thinking about Black Friday shopping and while reflecting on how easy it is to spend money. The sales are crazy big as we move into the Christmas season and I wonder how this has become another opportunity for consumerism to take hold. Last year, and the year before, I spent some time walking around with my sister at the mall in my Milwaukee neighborhood. This was an overwhelming experience for a variety of reasons and the fact that shopping is one of my least favorite activities did not help the situation. Lately I have had time to reflect on consumerism and how it impacts my life. I am so easily drawn into purchasing the unnecessary, which runs counter to so much of what I believe. Yet, there are those moments when it feels like must get my "shop-on." Part of this awareness might be coming out of the reading I am doing about radical democracy and the scourge of neoliberalism. Maybe it is not only awareness that I am experiencing, it might be that there are some shifts going on about how I view production and work. This brings me to thoughts about the Catholic Social Teachings and the right to work, which suddenly feels like I heavier topic than I am able to write about this evening.

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