Sunday, September 23, 2012

Contending with Time

Last night we celebrated my friend Donna's birthday and every year we do it is like the summer close-out sale. Glad for the experience and now waiting for what is next. It was a good time in the midst of the whirlwind of these days. Life has just been moving so fast it seems and for whatever reason I am not keeping on top of my work in the way I would like. The semester doesn't seem to be offering relief as the days roll out. Every Sunday I think this is the week that my commitments will slow down. And, then I get hit with the insane reality of the calendar.

So, yesterday there was this meeting and I decided not to volunteer for anything. Something opened up while we sat together with the need for people to step forward as I fought the urge to offer assistance. I realized that sometimes there is this nagging voice that tells me I need to be more responsible. This little voice would be like choking on nails if it were solid and real. The break through was interesting as I struggled to keep my hand down. What is that compulsory need to serve? It is obvious that I am not the only one who suffers from over commitment when I look at many of the people I know. Whatever it is this runs counter to how I planned to create more balance this year (there is some movement....minimal at best).

This week will be another fresh start as I begin re-thinking a project for Qualitative Research and searching for data regarding Adult Development. My goal for the week is to do one thing at a time and not allow the reading and correcting papers bog me down, or even worse, overwhelm to the point of inactivity. I offer a blast from the past for a song tonight, just to bring in some smiles. I played it last night for a moment and it has been in my head all day, a continuation of the birthday celebration it seems.

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