Sunday, August 5, 2012


This week went so fast. It seems like no time has passed since last writing. Wednesday was a short retreat trip and the time was spent well and much needed. There is something about having time set aside with God that always lifts me up. The focus was varied this time as I entered into the space of Bethany Retreat House, East Chicago ( I absolutely love this place and realized I have been going there for four years since I did my 30 day Ignatian Retreat for final vow preparation (that was remarkable and a very intense time). Sr. Joyce Diltz, a Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ, is the director and has created a sacred space in an urban area. Of course during my first retreat there the silence became more difficult after the initial week, yet with Spiritual Direction every day and an interim break I was able to make it. My thoughts were that I would bounce all over the place and somehow I managed to pray and steady the course. The greatest challenge and best practice for me thus far has been settling in for these days of prayer. I love the other retreat experiences I have throughout the year, yet these days are always what I look most forward to.

Today I experience the joy of the days. The theme for me this week centered on experiencing some of the sadness of saying goodbye to the Dominican High School community. I spent much time praying with what it means to encounter Christ and recognize that this is what my life at this school has offered in new and creative ways. We talk about being community and this is something that I never experienced in this way before. I also reflect on the wisdom of returning students to the school over the years, and their gratitude for the relationships built upon Dominican's values. I experience pride in being a part of this place where education can occur through truth, compassion, justice, community and partnership. These values are fulfilled by people who believe in them and, although at times we limp along and make mistakes, the goal is to live the mission with verve. I am deeply grateful to the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters who founded and provide the bedrock for the mission and practice of the school, these women have impacted my life in a most profound way.
Sr. Donna and her nieces

I returned last night to Fond du Lac and this morning awoke to the overwhelming sensation that part of my life is still in boxes and that sucked the air right out of me. So, my head has been twirling around this reality all day and it will have to be this way for a while yet. However, I went with two friends for a long bike ride and then a birthday party for Sr. Donna Innes, who had her two nieces here for the week. That was a blast and we played games, including "Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey." These were all organized by her nieces and who knew that a bunch of adults and two younglings could have such great fun (I won two prizes so left feeling pretty blessed).

Radish Mouse (yum)

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