Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turn and Face the Change

I have not had the space to think about writing this week and that is a bummer. What is on my mind is how we deal with change. Change happens frequently in life and sometimes the frustration of small changes can create havoc. Today I made the official switch to the new "Timeline" on facebook. Not a change I am thrilled with and it is difficult to find my way around the front page. People are threatening to quit facebook over this change and that fascinates me. I wonder what created the need to change the format? After a few weeks it will become familiar and it seems that I will use it without worrying about the former facebook reality. For now I will accept my learning and the frustration that goes with it. Part of the frustration with change is when it is imposed or I am suspicious of its origin or implementation.

The discomfort of change is ever-present. We are more tuned into it when it affects us, or someone/something that we care about (just going for the obvious on that one). As I am reflecting on these discomforts I wonder if I am just as frustrated over the long-term environmental concerns of our world as I am with that which is immediate. It is so much easier to disconnect from the realities of distance and longevity, you know the big picture items. Part of my work these years is to become more aware and sensitive to the needs of others and our planet. If I were to get as upset about life and environment as I do about things like facebook my guess is that I would be living off the grid in the near future (although I am not sure that is really possible). I think of this and then wonder if it could happen, most days I dread the length of time it takes to make dinner (I removed the microwave from my apartment nearly two years ago and things take longer now). Maybe this week will provide space to spend some time reflecting on the role of change in my life.


  1. Like the layers on an onion, slowly being stripped down, change allows opens ever deeper meanings to the comings and goings of life. We know the changing things more clearly than the unchanging. Someone famous surely says that...

  2. Today, I experienced the reality of change in quite a different way. I have been doing energy work with a woman in Naco, Sonora who is dying of cancer. The changes that are happening in this woman are dramatic. Since I last saw her, she is in so much pain that it breaks my heart. As I worked with her, her eyes filled with tears and touched me so deeply. I had a sudden image of another woman many years ago who touched my soul--her name was Sister Clarence and as I experienced her pain I thought of Mary, the Mother of Jesus - the Pieta. Today, I held this simple woman of Naco, Sonora in my heart and touched and was touched. Sister Clarence, those many years ago touched me and the tears of both of these women so moved me that once again I am changed. How can three women so many years apart continue to change me? I do indeed feel the blessings of their tears and I think my own tears change me.

    1. Today, when I did energy work on people in Naco, Sonora, I heard that my friend from there was rushed to a hospital in Agua Prieta with such pain that the morphine didn't even help. This woman in her pain continues to change my life. What a beautiful, truly good woman--I am blessed! I did some long distance energy work to alleviate the pain and I continue to pray that my life continues to be about change because she teaches me the way to live in quiet and move with calm love. She does continue to touch me and change me.