Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am Willing

We are entering the final days of Advent and with Mary have an opportunity to say, "Yes!" to carrying the Incarnate One with us. I only know this because I did the readings. Unfortunately, I was late for Mass this morning and nothing came into focus until Communion. While doing the readings I thought it would have been wise to share "Breath of Heaven" this week. I do wonder as I sit here whether my "Yes" is firm. 

Today, I am feeling a bit disconnected  from the readings. Today, I am not feeling the creative spark to write about this week in Advent. I have asked my self what does it mean to give life to Christ? And, today the only thing I can think about is the joy I received this weekend while in Fond du Lac at the Mother House visiting with some of my sisters. This was the first weekend in months that I have connected with so many CSA and that filled my heart anew. These women encourage me to continue saying, "Yes!" by their presence and commitment. This weekend it was through them that I witnessed the potency of Christ during Advent. And the truth is one of them skunked me in Cribbage and even in her moment (and my reversed boasting) there was something shared.  Connections like this are what it means for me to say "Yes!" to the angel Gabriel.  I won't be so bold as to say, "Bring it on!" Yet, this evening the response is summed up in the song "I am Willing," by Holly Near. Unfortunately, I cannot get a decent download of the song so will save it for another time.


  1. As I reflect on the "Yeses" in my life, I begin to see the many times those have led me into the adventures of a lifetime and there have been many. I think God leads me to many places that I had no intention of going. And I wanted to say no as did the one son who first said no and then went anyway. I reflect on what would I have missed if I had ignored the calls to the new. I am grateful at this time for the many sisters in the Community who supported and loved me into action. As I reflect on future, I know that I will continue to say yes. And many times that is facing consequences that either I will like or I will say: What in the world or why did I move in that direction? Thea Bowuman sang a song which I continue to hear: I'll go where you send me. The people of the South and the people of the Southwest have helped me to realize what the yeses of life mean. I know that I have learned to think through a little more to what each "I am willing means."

  2. It works both ways Vickie, we have such a shared history from your days in Chicago. You encourage me with your energy and willingness to take on the sharing of faith and knowledge with today's teens! You encourage me with the authenticity of your blog posts. As Gospel women we share the mission of Jesus, and so help each other by the witness of our lives.