Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holy Hill Retreat

This weekend I attended an overnight retreat at Holy Hill (I so love that area) ->for those of you who do not know about Holy Hill I am adding the link ( It was one of those situations when I really did not have the time, nor the energy to be away from my own studies. However, something nudged me to go (long story) and I listened. This was my first retreat that was not silent/directed and I was somewhat nervous about it.  Upon arrival, after settling in a bit, we shared in small circles about the word 'present.' Can you believe it? Present, have they been reading along with us this month...totally blew my mind after the past month or so and my concern about this topic?  I felt like a puppy running in circles chasing it's own tale (now, we all know that type of excitement, and in some ways it seems anything but present, and there I was with a little 'woo-hoo' in my heart from the get-go). Of course I did not want others to know my simple animated cheerful state so I sat and chatted rather than exhibit the internal puppy-effect.

The structure of the retreat was set-up through three over-arching themes: 1. Present/Connected, 2. Compassion/Gratitude and 3. Hope/Peace. The sharing was rich and the people were great. We watched the film Of Gods and Men, a must see for those interested in a solid inspirational film. Then, three of us went for a late night stroll down the steep incline that holds the Stations of the Cross. Funny story, as we were walking one member of the group said she would not take such a walk alone at night and the other agreed. I made some comment that about being able to do it alone and that there was nothing to fear out there. Well, wouldn't you know it. Within minutes I heard a noise and grabbed the shoulder of one of my companions in fear. Okay, so maybe I am not so brave. I am adding a song to this post to share some of what I felt this weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving! Blessings, Vicki


  1. I am so grateful that you were obedient to the prompting and came to the retreat. It wouldn't have been the same without you there Vic. :)

  2. The beauty of holy hill held me in awe. I have reflected on what I fear as I journey. I guess the only time I fear dark is when I do not know the direction I am taking. I have discovered more fear in the walls that are a part of my life here on the border. My life experience is such a meditation for me and I'm growing in a response that has much to do with continuing to walk toward the wall inspite of risk and that means both the physical wall and the walls I build within myself. These walls within myself often stay put because I don't have the courage to remove them. And once I remove one, I discover that I have built another one. I discover within myself that I constantly connect to your words of inspiration. I wait each week to see where your life experiences lead me. God bless you for walking the walk and talking the talk because more and more I am lead to truths within me. I am so thankful for you!!!