Saturday, September 3, 2011

Founders Day

I have been sitting at the computer for quite a while fretting about what to write. Funny thing is that while planning and getting set-up for this blog everything sounded so fun and exciting in my head. Now to shake it out and see if I even have a 'blogging voice' that can be heard beyond my own ears. So, welcome readers and I hope that together we will build a community of query and surprise. Let us begin.

Today CSA celebrates 153 years as a religious community. In 1858 our initial founder (Fr. Caspar Rehrl) attempted to begin a small community of sisters in Wisconsin. This was all based on a vision he had at the tomb of St. Agnes of Rome (afterward he went to the Pope to get permission to start a religious community. Can you imagine having that type of access to the Pope? It's unreal how much has changed during these years!). We have the fortune of having trinity of founders. Second in this relationship is Mother Agnes Hazotte who was elected Major Superior at 17 y/o and in 1870 took many of the sisters up to Fond du Lac to begin the community anew (Basically she was breaking away from Rehrl so that the Sisters could receive proper training in the community and their ministries). Mother Agnes sought help from Fr. Francis Haas, OFM Cap who became the third person and helped CSA become realized through his companionship. We are here today to celebrate as a result of these three examples of hope, commitment and tenacity. And, wow, the community has changed much over the years!

I was able to connect with two other sisters tonight for liturgy and dinner. We had a great time chatting it up and talking about some of the realities of our community today. Afterward I reflected on the many changes that have occurred over the years. Today, we have CSA Associates who are also committed to the mission of the congregation. Associates do not take vows they make a commitment to live out their call from their present lived experience. Okay, okay, okay I am getting excited and beginning to rant. Oh boy, this is a long post. Okay, maybe starting on Founders Day was not the best time. I just blew my goal of brevity. Possibly next time. Blessings!


  1. Well Vickie, Founding your blog on Founder Day is a superior way to re-found our congregation in this new decade. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. Didn't the Giving Voice gathering have lots of themes that could be tailored for sharing here, I have listened to their podcasts several times already. Have a good weekend, Dolores

  2. Welcome to blogging, vic. Proud of you!